Some time ago I was asked by my ex-colleague to give a talk about Elixir, OTP and BEAM as part of PyLadies Berlin Meetup group. The objective was to do a gentle introduction into language and functional programming from point of view of an experienced Python developer.

Unfortunately, things (as usual) took a different path and I give a talk alone (with only decent Python experience) and tried to charm a wonderful audience with Elixir mixed with a bit of Functional programming as you can see from slides here. You can also find a simple word count (yes most of Meetup folks use Python for data science) hands on project as well as demo that I used to illustrate strengths of BEAM (distribution, parallelisation and extensibility).

Meetup was great a experience (for someone who is mainly giving internal talks) and audience very nice and curious. I would really like to to thank PyLadies Berlin and Delivery Hero for their hospitality and great offices!