This year I finally attended one of the best Erlang and BEAM related conference in Europe. There is no better place te learn more about BEAM than in Stockholm. This post is a short highlight of what I found interesting during talks I attended. I also finally managed to get signed my Programming Erlang book by no other than Joe Armstrong.


In depth discussions and questions, super friendly people, great venue (except for one room with limited view of presentations) and great food. A lot of Ericcson people there that work on BEAM and have super in depth answers on how particular thing is actually implemented (eg missing crypt from libssl etc). Decent party to celebrate 20 years since Erlang was open sources. Three tracks of talks (basic, advanced and expert level) during 2 days.


This is just list of notes that I took/remember from talks I saw (mostly no basic ones). All talks were recorded and be online soon.


Notes that are mostly DistSys related (as it is close to my heart and interests) that were mentioned during talks:

* Out of the tar pits paper -
* Hack your own Erlang VM -
* Yang -
* LSM trees -
* DottedDB paper -


I will definitely try to make it next year! Besides lovely city I really enjoyed fact that there was a lot of people from Ericsson that are actually working on BEAM and Erlang.

List of all available talks can be found here.