I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Lately I am working in Berlin, Germany where I helped variety fo startups to achieve their goals.

I enjoy building mission critical systems, automation tools and intelligent systems that help people to solve all sorts of problems. I am also a big fan robotics and open source. I am participating in a few projects. I have extensive experience in a wide range of industries.

Besides computers my hobbies are reading books, travelling, art, electronic toys and sport – Martial Arts, snowboarding and bit of running.



During my over 15 years while I am working as mostly software engineer or tech lead I worker with plenty of technologies and languages. After a decade working with imperative languages (Perl, PHP, VB, Java and C#) I came across Erlang and build first large system using this great language. This was a game changer for me and I love Erlang ever since.

Currently I am working with following languages: