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Never ending problems with Google XML Sitemap plugin

July 30th, 2009 by Martin

From time to time I have some problems with my WordPress installation. It is usually related to upgrade to a new version and plugins of course. It is expect able for plugins to stop working with new version of host code. Most of plugins works well, but Google XML Sitemaps plugin causes a lot of pain to me. I believe it is every upgrade. I am feeling frustrated, because I can not publish or generally manage my posts without ending on blank page. I am not feeling about debugging these issues (sorry), I am feeling more like to reinvent the wheel and write my own plugin. I know that it is not an open source way (no I do not want to fork it), but I think I can make it more simple and better. ;)


WordPressUpdater is still under development

June 25th, 2009 by Martin

Recently I wrote about my current spare time project WordPressUpdater. It’s purpose is to help with updating and backuping of multiple WordPress sites. It is still under development, but it will be available soon. At least beta version.

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Microsoft has its head deep in sand!

June 18th, 2009 by Martin

I am long term Windows developer (not only of course). I always tried to be fair and objective when I was talking about Microsoft, Linux, Open Source and such topics…  But today I came about this link. It was classical example of total ignorance that will lead to dead of company in a long terms. Not now, not tomorrow, but will die in a few years from now. I felt really sad while I was reading that lies. I know it is not about technology, it is about business and money ;). Thank you very much, I prefer different world.


Building sophisticated web sites on top of WordPress platform

April 27th, 2009 by Martin

I am working with web for a quite a few years. I am a bit scared to count it. ;) And from time to time I am still making webs :) Heh… Yep, I made dozens of webs during all these years, even that I am not classic web developer last a few years. These days I am working only for about 20%  of my time on web sites. Basics for me is LAMP stack and WordPress (and of course my love Erlang in latest months) for a lot of sites. It is really powerful web platform and it is also an open source project with big user community and tons of plugins and templates.  This is due to a simplicity approach to everything. Code is a poetry. ;)

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WordPress’s that I am maintaining or supporting

August 16th, 2008 by Martin

Because I am WordPress fan and partly developer too (but not so active these days) I run and maintain multiple WP installations. Some of them are fully maintained by me, other only partly. There are also sites that are maintained by my friends and I am time from time helping them with WP issues or customization. It is great that more and more people are using this great blog/personal site engine. And with new features from version 2.5  and older? I think these features and usability improvements will gain more and more users to WordPress.

Selected sites that I am responsible for (not content)

Selected sites that I am supporting time from time:


Google announces hosting for open source projects

July 28th, 2006 by Martin

Google is scheduled to announce hosting for open source projects on Google Code. Stein says, "We really like SourceForge, and we don't want to hurt SourceForge" or take away projects. Instead, Stein says that the goal is to see what Google can do with the Google infrastructure, to provide an alternative for open source projects.

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