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I am back to real world and my blog

February 8th, 2011 by Martin

After a year of inactivity I am back to my blog. Last couple of months I was really busy while working on our company product for a digital signage – AMS. It was a great time with Linux,  Erlang/OTP and Adobe Flex/AIR (well not so much fun with AS3 to be honest ;)). We were presenting our solution on ISEurope at Amsterdam and it was very promising.  So now I will have some more time to my real life, WP and maybe even blogging…

10 Reasons that I love/not love about Erlang

March 5th, 2009 by Martin

If do not know Erlang already, you should take a look at it. It is very interesting programming language and it is very addictive from my point of view :).  I started to play with Erlang about two years ago. Later I bought Joe’s great book. To be short. My journey with Erlang started with shock from all this functional stuff, but after some time I realized, that I started to love it (and missing it while writing an imperative code). OK enough…

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Helpful CouchDB resources

December 28th, 2008 by Martin

While I was playing with very promising CouchDB document database  (written in Erlang), I collected a few interesting resources about this project. So why not to share it.

Text resources

Video resource

Enjoy and if you have anything interesting, please let me know!


Erlang Documentation Viewer

October 13th, 2008 by Martin

Well, I want to announce a new viewer for Erlang documentation. Yes I know that it is nothing revolutionary and innovative, but I am Erlang user and Erlang documentation in its current version is not very user friendly (It is not only my opinion ;)). Because I am working on an experimental Erlang web framework based on Ext JS – ErlExtUI, I realized why not do some user sample application for this purpose and shot two flies with one bullet. ;)  Please note that it is work in progress, so if you find any problem or want some new feature, feel free to contact me. And now finally URL


  • modules browsing/tabs
  • module name filter
  • Google powered module search

Happy using :)


An ultimate Erlang IDE?

October 2nd, 2008 by Martin

I am fan of Erlang and have been playing with him for couple of years. I tested all editors/IDEs from ErlIDE, Emacs (mode), Vim (mode) or ErlyBird. I used some of them for quite long time. But I was still unhappy with experience. Well so back to headline, from my point of view, there is no ultimate Erlang IDE right now on the market. Yes ErlIDE looks promising, but Emacs with Erlang mode still rocks ;).


Prototyping using scripting languages

March 30th, 2008 by Martin

I think every developer know what prototyping means. If not please refer to Wikipedia. I am using this technique quite frequently, because it is really helpful and effective. It is part of XP development methodologies. I used a lot of languages for prototyping and it depends on concrete situation, but if there is empty field for choosing prototyping language I am voting for Ruby. I did some work with Python, but I do not why, but I feel more comfortable with Ruby. I know that Ruby has some implementation problems (about performance, yes JRuby runs fast as hell ;)), but the simplicity of expression your ideas is really cool! I have to say that my love to Ruby has nothing to do with ROR, but it would not be true.

I use Ruby both for prototyping and also for general desktop and server scripting. There are other languages that I am interested in last year or so like Erlang and F# (Microsoft Research OCaml implementation). Both these languages are very interesting. Both are functional languages that are ready for our next parallel computing future. Unfortunately I am working as enterprise application developer using most of my time C# and Java language.Yes I am working in a very conservative financial sector. But gold rule of pragmatic programmer is to be open to new languages and approaches. ;)

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