About me

My name is Martin Wišo.I was born in Prague, Czech Republic where I spent most of my life. I am 32 years old.

I am interested in computers, especially web and network software development. I really think it is a mixture of an art and craftsmanship. I also enjoy experimenting with a new technologies to improve computers and software usability both for software development and general computer related work.

As a big fan of a The Pragmatic Programmer book I usually learn a new programming language every year. I enjoy building robots, automation tools and intelligent systems that help people to solve all sorts of problems.

I am also a big fan of open source and I am participating in a few projects. Besides computers my hobbies are reading books, travelling, art, electronic toys, robotics and sport – Martial Arts, snowboarding or squash/badminton.


Erlang, Javascript, .NET/Mono, Java, Haskell, ActionScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Perl

Linux, Puppet, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing



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