My new WordPress plugin – WP Enhanced Plugin Manager 1.0

March 7th, 2007 by Martin

Yes I wrote another WordPress plugin. Its purpose is simple – add some additional functionality to WordPress default plugin management. Its original idea came from discussion here and I am already thinking about Backup/Restore plugin activity configuration as new feature for next version of this plugin ;).

All its functionality is done using Javascript, so it requires browser with enabled Javascript support. Plugins are activated using AJA’X’ approach (‘X’ for that I am not using XML for communication with server ;)). Please report me any cross browser issues with Javascript!


Ok, I did some bug fixing and released an updated version of this plugin with support to Save/Load configuration as well as export. I know that export sounds strange, but I will be working on import functionality as well ;).


  • Unzip plugin and upload it to your WordPress plugin directory
  • Activate plugin using WordPress administration interface and you should be see difference (unless you have disabled Javascript!)


You can of course choose between zip file or tar.gz file for download. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments. Happy using.

Update to version 1.1

Ok, I did some bug fixing and released an updated version of this plugin with support to Save/Load configuration as well as export. I know that export sounds strange, but I will be working on import functionality as well ;). It also covers all reported issues(IE7 JS error, problems with UpdateMonitorAgent and some more).





61 Responses to “My new WordPress plugin – WP Enhanced Plugin Manager 1.0”

  1. Nicki Says:

    How VERY cool! I remember that thread. I’ll definitely be giving this a try. Thank you, Martin! :D

  2. alle Says:

    Hi Martin, VERY useful plugin! Thanks a lot.
    Anyway, there’s an issue about the “check for updates” routine you adopted.
    Since it assumes that a WP user (meant as server) has the SoapClient class installed (and I don’t have it), your plugin returns an error on line 68 of wpplugins_client.php, because PHP doesn’t find the that class declared.
    On commenting line 68 the “switch” function that follows, it works; but it looses the “check for updates” functionality.
    You could move line 68 and the following “switch” function under the second “if (DEBUG)” statement, allowing the user to change the “DEBUG” definition to true (assuming “false” as default).
    Or adopt an alternative way to “check for updates”.
    Anyway, VERY NICE plugin, very very useful. Great job! ;)

  3. Martin Says:

    alle: Thank you for quick report. I totally forget about non SOAP word, so sorry! I am working on other update client implementation using NUSOAP library. I will release an updated version today. Once again thank you for your feedback :)

  4. Elias Says:

    Hi. Cool plugin, so i became a error on my plugins page – “ERROR: TypeError: table has no properties”. whats wrong? (using wp 2.0.9)

  5. Michael Says:

    I get the same error as Elias but I don’t get it on the plugins page directly. I am using “WordPress Update Manager” ( and when I have your plugin activated and go to the “update manager” screen I get a POP up that says “ERROR: TypeError: table has no properties”. I am using WP2.1 and PHP 5.2.1

  6. invi Says:

    IM having the same problem as Michael. I am using WP2.1 and PHP 5.2.1

  7. Martin Says:

    alle, Elias, Michael, invi: Thank you for report. Well problem is SOAP support of PHP on your server. I fix code that it works even if you do not have this PHP extension enabled. It is ready to download. Please let me know if there will be any other problems.

    I am working on workaround and hope it will be ready in a few next days. I have to write own SOAP implementation(lite) or change way of updating plugins…

    Thank you

  8. invi Says:

    Greate. It works now. Once thing i notice was than when i disable some of the plugin it redirected me to your WP Login page.


  9. Martin Says:

    invi: It is fixed now and ready to download. If any trouble please let me know. I am know working on saving/restoring of plugin configuration feature. I think it will be ready shortly…


  10. Will Says:


    Thanks a lot, pretty sweet!

    Only I see in your screen shot there is an edit row, not here and the line is a bit off. Pictures speak louder than words; also notice now there is a horizontal scroll bar.



  11. alle Says:

    Well done, Martin! Thank you for your prompt update. ;)

  12. Michael Says:

    I don’t know why but I am still having issues on the Update Manager page, the same as I reported last time, no change for me. I did grab the file again and deleted the old files from my server. I have also found that the Enhanced Plugin Management works on the “Plugin Page” ok in Firefox but not in IE7. I get the POP up that says “ERROR: [object Error]” and the plugin does not work. I have checked my web server and show that SOAP client and server is enabled, don’t know if that helps.

  13. Martin Says:

    Michael: I released new version 1.1 of this plugin with multiple fixes. I did some Javascript code cleaning and now it works fine with IE7,Firefox, Mozilla and Opera (all tested under Win32 only :(). I also did some changes in SOAP update agent so everything should be fine now.

    Thank you for your report!

  14. Michael Says:

    Ahh, for some reason I guess I didn’t get the new version, even though I downloaded after the fix was there, sorry about that. Progress has been made, now I don’t get any errors in FF or IE on the plugin page, but I still get an error on the “Update Manager” page. I am using the update manager by Martin Fitzpatrick. I get the following error- “window.onload: TypeError:table has no properties-undefined”. I do not get this error if I disable your plugin. I am really sorry to be so much trouble for you

  15. Will Says:


    Um, something is wrong:

    As you can see, Edit is missing under action and it looks screwed up because of that…

    Any ideas? Running WordPress 2.1.2 by the way…

    Thanks a lot for this plug-in,


  16. Martin Says:

    Michael: I can see where is the problem know. I did a fix for users with Update Manager plugin. It is ready for download. It should be fine by now :)

  17. Michael Says:

    Thank you for all the bug fixes- everything is SMOOTH now. I appreciate the work you have put into this.

  18. Kerry Webster Says:

    Love the plugin. Much needed functionality for WP.
    WP 2.1.2/IE 7

    Two things:

    Get this error when I activate/deactivate your plugin. Everything seems to work properly afterwards. Just wanted to let you know.


    Plugin page reference form your plugin is 404 on your site.


  19. Martin Says:

    Will, Kerry Webster: I see that you both are using Bon Echo alpha 1 on Vista. I am afraid that I can reproduce it right now. I will prepare some Vista testing environment, but it will take me some time. I will let you know as soon as I will fix it.
    Thank you for report.

  20. Charles Stricklin Says:

    When I try to deselect all the plug-ins, I get an error 406: “Not Acceptable — An appropriate representation of the requested resource /wp-admin/plugins.php could not be found on this server.”

  21. webDressing Says:

    This is EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for! These features should be default wordPress. Thank you so much for taking the time to develop this great and very useful plugin :)

  22. David Says:

    Does this work fully with PHP 4, or is PHP 5 required for all of the features? (As SOAP support is limited in PHP 4, my host is asking this before enabling SOAP for my account.)

    PS. your tab index hijacked my cursor while trying to tab through your comment form, taking me to your top menu instead.

  23. Martin Says:

    David: It should woks fine with PHP4, but I will recommend you using PHP5. But from the plugin functionality it is equal.

    Ad Tabs: I am working on improving usability (and tabindex is one of tools)…

    Thank you for reporting

  24. Mike Says:


    A great plugin. Ideally this should be in core WordPress functionality. Of course there is a lot more management type things that should get added. Thanks for creating this!!!!

    One minor development thing…remember to change your plugin header version when you update. I was having the SOAP issue and thought I had loaded 1.1. Both say 1.0, but I actually was running 1.0. The “1.1″ fixed my SOAP error issue.


  25. Christian Says:

    I also get the startup error on WP 2.0.9. Have downloaded the newest version. What is strange that it still says 1.0 when I take a look into the source code.

    Second: I get an error on WP 2.1.2 when trying to safe my config. “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/wp-content/plugins/wp-enhanced-plugins/wp-enhanced-plugins-manager.php on line 111″

    Any ideas?

  26. Martin Says:

    Christian: I did not tested this plugin on WP 2.0.9, but I will and let you know. About safe configuration on WP 2.1.2, what exact steps you did? Or is there any web about securing configuration?

  27. Bryan Says:

    I’ve just installed this and your Enhanced Management plugin. I’ve activated both, but I don’t see any difference in either my plugins section nor my posts/pages sections. I’m using WP 2.1.3 (and am new to WP). Any clues what the issue could be or where I should start looking in order to solve this problem? Thanks!

  28. Martin Says:

    Bryan: If you can not see any changes in administration interface after successful plugin activation, there must be some error. In that case can you send me more information about browser and operation system you are using? It helps me to reproduce this issue.

    Thank you for your report.

  29. Geoff Says:

    I’m having issues with this plugin because of the number of columns in the update manager.

    1. Plugin
    2. Version
    3. Description
    4. Activate


    #4 is colspan=2 because it goes across the activation toggle button AND a Edit button.

    IM thinking this plugin expects to see one less column than WP now has.

    I tried messing with the logic in the plugin to modify it but my brain is not running on full steam at the moment. I’ll try again later but I’m also hoping that maybe you can look into it as well.

    Great plugin, BTW! Thanks for releasing it!

  30. Martin Says:

    Geoff: I do not know if I understand you correctly, but I assume that you are using Update Manager plugin and you have some issues with using my plugin with it. Am I it right? What exact issues you have? Can you supply more information/screenshot?


  31. uropian Says:

    Nor can Mehtap! I want to say that your site better throughout the World Wide Web :)
    Thank you. Keep it.

  32. ping Says:

    Just a heads-up. This doesn’t seem to work WP 2.2.

  33. roland Says:

    As ping already reported: your wonderful plugin doesn’t work with wp 2.2 unfortunately. – All extra options are disabled and after you’ve activated or deactivated one plugin you get the following error message from your browser: “window.onload: TypeError: rows[i].cells[4] has no properties – undefined”.


  34. Mike Says:

    I get the same problem as Roland using WP 2.2.


  35. brandon Says:

    I’m getting the same problem as roland, too. Sometimes though, the plugin causes every other plugin activated to deactivate.

  36. Martin Says:

    ping, roland, Mike, brandon: I am working on new version of my plugins, that will be compatible with 2.2 version. Hope it will be done within 24 hours.

    Thank you for your report!

  37. brandon Says:

    thanks! i really love this plugin.

  38. Mike Says:

    Thanks. Me as well. It really makes managing the plugin page so much easier.

  39. DG Says:


    Have you fixed the plugin to work with 2.2, as I’ve downloaded from the above link, the zip files are still 1.0 and doesn’t work with 2.2


  40. Martin Says:

    I have to say, that 2.2 makes me crazy, but I have a fix for 2.2 now. But there is still one issue to fix, before I can release a new version. I have to make it compatible with previous versions of WordPress. I hope I will make this week.

    Thank you for your reports and patience :)

  41. frank Says:

    I’m still waiting for your WP 2.2-fix…
    WP 2.2 has not your features…
    marked all or nothing, and remember not the last state

  42. Ninio romantico (mi nick xD ) Says:


    I speak very poor english so…

    The plugin don’t work in WordPress 2.2!

    You con fix it ?

    The plugin is great!!
    The best!


  43. Mike Says:


    Where do you stand on releasing the upgrade? Can you post the fix as beta for now?


  44. Martin Says:

    frank, Ninio, Mike: I am sorry, but I am very busy these days. I had a lot of work on commercial projects and only limited free time for open source projects. I think release will be ready within next 5 days.

    Thank you for your support :)

  45. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title My new WordPress plugin – WP Enhanced Plugin Manager 1.0 – personal homepage about coding in .NET, Java, PHP and other languages from XML, JavaScript to Perl. Thanks for informative article

  46. Ben-Inside Says:

    When I activate the plugin, I received this message:

    window.onload: TypeError: rows[i].cells[4] has no properties – undefined

    What’s wrong?

  47. Theo Bakker Says:

    I think I found a solution:

    I changed val = rows[i].cells[4].innerHTML; into val = rows[i].childNodes[4].innerHTML; in wp-enhanced-plugins.php (line 237). This works fine in FireFox. Hope this helps anyone.

  48. Martin Says:

    Ben-Inside, Theo Bakker: Thank you for your hotfix. I hope I will release updates soon. I did some design (code) changes to all of my plugins. I know it takes time. Please stay tunned I am back :)

  49. foley Says:

    I installed and activated this plugin, but was getting an error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_ip() (previously declared in D:\folder\user\\wp-content\plugins\ban\ban.php:50) in D:\folder\user\\wp-content\plugins\wp-enhanced-plugins\wpplugins_client.php on line 16

    I then deactivated the WP-Ban plugin by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan and then reactivated your plugin. It looked like it activated but I did not see any changes to my plugin page from the default wp plugin. Can you please look into this two issues? You can please contact me offline for my wp details if needed.

  50. foley Says:

    Sorry, my WP version is v2.3 running on an IIS server

  51. Frank Lucas Says:

    WordPress: v2.3.2
    MySQL: v5.0.45-community-nt
    PHP: v4.4.7
    Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    Firefox v2.0.0.11

    Loading plugins page reports: window.onload: TypeError: headline has no properties – undefined.


  52. ovidiu Says:

    would this be comnpatible with wo 2.5.1?

  53. dior jadore Says:

    will it work with new wp 2.7.1? thanks

  54. Martin Says:

    ovidiu, dior jadore: Yes, it is comatible with WP 2.7.1., but not the version that is public now. Only one problem is lack of time to create a public release. Thank you for your interest, I will try to release current version asap.


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