New WordPress plugin – WP-Custom Logo 1.0

September 21st, 2006 by Martin

Well, it was a day before yesterday I released my first WP plugin named WP-Plugin List 1.0 and today I would like to present you my another new plugin. More simple that one before ;).

Using WP-Custom Logo 1.0 you can replace WP default login/register page logo by placing URL to custom logo you have (in proper size of course ;)). It is done using JavaScript onload event. It is not ideal, because there is small delay. I will try to improve it as soon as possible(I created it because of need for one small project…). Reason for using approach is seamless WP upgrades without any need for backup wp-admin.css or changed wordpress-logo.png.

Configuration is simple as you can see:


General options

  • Path to your custom logo image (empty for original logo)


  • Unzip plugin and upload it to your WordPress plugin directory
  • Activate plugin using WordPress administration interface
  • Configure plugin options using WordPress administration interface(Options->Custom Logo)


Just use :). It is done.


Yes, it took some time, but I just finished new version and it is WordPress 2.7.1 ready :).

Update to 2.1

New rewriten version of this plugin is ready for download. It should support also version prior to 2.5, but it is optimized for 2.6 version. NOTE: this plugin does not work with Turbo(Gears) enabled!

Update to 2.2

Completely rewritten version using my new help WPOL library (acronym stays for WordPress OpenLab which is a company I co-own) with some fixes and improvements e.g. working now on register page.

You can download plugin from an official WordPress repository.

Happy using :)


34 Responses to “New WordPress plugin – WP-Custom Logo 1.0”

  1. Colin Says:

    Nice job! Just what I needed.

  2. Martin Says:

    Colin: I am glad to hear that :) BTW I am working on new version of this plugin, because there was a small delay while loading custom image.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  3. alex Says:

    I used on but it doesn´t work. :(

  4. Martin Says:

    alex: I see that you are using WP version 2.1 which is currently not supported by my plugin :(. But I am working on new version to fix it(for all of my plugins) so please come return back after in a few next days. Thank you for report! :)

  5. OlO Says:

    iHi iMartin,

    The installl seems to have gone okay but My logo is not displaying. The WP sample images are there, I tried them and they didn’t display either.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


  6. OlO Says:

    oops, correct URL entered


  7. OlO Says:

    ah, never mind, I just saw your note to alex.



  8. Martin Says:

    alex, OlO,: It took me some time, but I just released new version of my plugin WP 2.1 read. Please let me know in case of any troubles.

    Happy using :)

  9. carmine Says:


    a popup display : needs object

    WP 2.1 Italian

  10. KorsatH Says:

    In register’s page:


    a popup display : needs object

    WP 2.1

  11. OlO Says:

    […]“This plugin is more for fun than anything else, unless you have registered contributors for your blog.”[…]

    That is kewl news Martin, thanks for the update! :) Can you tell Me what the above quote means?


  12. Joan Planas Says:

    great!! thanks!

  13. Rene Says:

    thnx! Nice Work, just what I’ve been loking for

  14. Choco Says:

    “Server does not support SOAP extension. Can not perform update notification service!”

    would be nice if you could add this extention to all your plugins too. Thanks in advance.

  15. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title New WordPress plugin – WP-Custom Logo 1.0 – personal homepage about coding in .NET, Java, PHP and other languages from XML, JavaScript to Perl. Thanks for informative article

  16. Speed DARYL Says:

    Maybe i’m blind but i didn’t find the way to download your useful plugin ! thanks for giving me the link ;)

  17. Martin Says:

    Speed DARYL: Take a look at the end of this post. There is an Update headline and above are download links (… zip file or tar.gz file….).

  18. smurf Says:

    Kollidiert mit WP-Ban

  19. blacksnoopy Says:

    “Server does not support SOAP extension. Can not perform update notification service!” Can you help ?

  20. ypu Says:


  21. Daniel Says:

    After install it shows an alert: “undefined” for each admin page that loads

    wp 2.6.2

  22. Martin Says:

    Daniel: Can you tell me what browser you are using?

  23. 网赚 Says:


  24. TwitterWP Says:

    Interested if this works with 2.7. All my sites are using gears so not keen to try it just yet…

  25. Martin Says:

    TwitterWP: Yep, this plugin works with version 2.7 as well as 2.7.1 of course. Gears are not a problem, but please use WordPress original plugin repository for plugin download – :)

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    Interested if this works with 2.7. All my sites are using gears so not keen to try it just yet…

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  29. sam Says:

    anyone know how to change the logo on admin area ?

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